Teacher teachers to teach children how to write!

I am absolutely no expert in the field of writing but I enjoy writing and reading. In my outside life, I am a teacher and really love teaching children how to write, read and love and be interested and curious in life.

This summer I had the chance to facilitate and design  a course entitled “Enabling creative writing in the classroom” in Kilkenny Education Centre. I worked with about 25 primary teachers and we got some great writing done! I probably spoke far too much about Stephen King( and maybe, I mentioned Kevin Barry once or twice!) but I aim to remind teachers of the power they command when they go to work every day. What a responsibility!

My husband and I work on an educational technology blog as well as rozz.ie. I will be writing a couple of article on my thoughts, ideas and tips of helping children and the teacher to begin to write.

You can find those articles coming soon on www.anseo.net.


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