Taste of Emilia-excellent Italian place in Dublin.

I’m under pressure to write something for my blog, we had lunch with Terrence, one of my closest friends, last weekend and he commented on my lack of new posts. So, hopefully, he enjoys this one. I even have a photo of him looking all smart in his work outfit.
That’s him on the left with the even lovelier Simon on the right!

Italian food is rather good..if it is done well. Most towns in Ireland have an Italian restaurant. Most of them are not authentic. They’ve been adapted for Irish tastes, making sure to have chips, steak and lasagne on the menu.
We do not have a real Italian restaurant in Carlow Town, in my humble opinion. We did have a real-life Italian up until a few years ago. The owner was from Napoli and he cooked in the navy for years, he ended up in Carlow, which was excellent for us but he also ended up being a child abuser on the run, which was not so good.
That restaurant closed.
So, when I find a good, Italian place, I grab on to it with both hands!
Taste of Emelia on Liffey Street is one of these, it is simple, tasty and well priced. Emelia is one of the owners and she is a happy, little camper.
You can order simple bruschetta, mini pizzas and light bites. Wash it down with a good espresso or white wine and you will go away very relaxed.
I usually get the Braesola plate, rocket salad and Parmesan shavings with warm bread. Delish. They also sell loads of Italian meats, cheeses, wines, pasta, rice and desserts to take away.
So, if you want somewhere nice to have a coffee or eat authentic Italian good, check it out.

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