Saw a cute film last night. It’s called Beginners. It’s about a guy, Oliver who finds out, after his Mum dies, that his Dad is gay and has also terminal cancer.
It was a highly pleasant film with some teary moments towards the end. Though, it doesn’t take much for me!
The female actress is French and lovely to look at. Everything your archetype French quirky actress should be. And lovely to look at. Did I mention that?
The Dad character and his male boyfriend were most interesting and the film refused to camp them up in any way. Their love was touching to watch. I wondered about Oliver though. His job seemed very depressing. He draws pictures of things like the “history of sadness” all day long. How does he make money? Also, when he finds out his Dad is actually gay, it doesn’t seem to shock or phase him at all. He worries about other things like upsetting lovely, Frenchwomen.
And who wouldn’t?
It is most definitely worth a watch. It’s a quiet film and the Dad and cute dog make it worth it. We downloaded on the Xbox so it must be out on DVD.

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