Saturday and the Irish Times

It is rather silly, I know. I wait for Saturday morning to arrive where I can sit with a nice strong cup of caffeine and a copy of the Saturday Irish Times. It really is an excellent paper. It beats any other paper, even the Sunday Times. Other people will probably disagree but those people probably like the Financial Times or the Daily Mail because of it’s magazine. That’s fine. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.

Especially though, it is incredibly ahead of the trends when it comes to art, culture and literature and is modest in the way it promotes good Irish writing. The weekend review section makes me a poor woman though? They always have some review of a short story collection or novel that I will want to buy. I take a snap of the review on my phone and that image will sit in my head for a while until the nice men in Hodges and Figges Bookshop take lots of money from me. Next book on my read list is Ron Rash and his short story collection “Burning Bright”. Apparently, I have to buy it. The people in the Irish Times told me to so it would be rude not to.


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