Room little darker by June Caldwell

At last I get it! I have had so many books to finish, start and look at. I am in the middle of a house renovation and back in after moving out though there is a lot to do still! My books are in piles, boxes etc and everywhere so excuse the lack of book posts.

I have been reading Joy William’s Honoured Guest and purchased June Caldwell’s debut short story collection, Room little darker. I usually will commit to buying a book from a debut author by the first page, first few sentences and this collection had to be bought. I read the first story, Upcycle, in one go last night before bed. I really liked it. Dark, bizarre yet as if a friend were telling me the story.


Always good to get a truly unique take on Irish life. Book blurbs might say the writing is unique but June’s surely is!

I will review as soon as I have read further.

Room little darker by June Caldwell is published by New Island Press.

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