Our 3rd Wedding anniversary – Wine and earrings

So, we made a promise to each other after we got married.

That on every wedding anniversary, we would stay somewhere really special and lovely and buy each other a present based on the theme of that wedding anniversary.

Year 1 was paper, which was okay. Year 2 was cotton, which was really tough to think up and this year was glass/leather, strangely enough.

Simon loves wine. But, not just any wine. He only likes good, good, good wine. Of the red variety. It doesn’t have to cost a lot, so he says but it often does! He knows his stuff when it comes to wine and can spot wine bluffers from miles away. He worked in an Off-licence when he was a student and was trained in well. i.e He was encouraged to take a bottle of wine home every week and drink it. For research purposes only. Simon became quite the posh student quaffing glasses of rich Chianti. Or something like that. I’ve probably got that wine wrong because I don’t know much about wine and will divert the wine choice to my husband in a very old-fashioned way every time.

So, when the theme of glass came up, I was highly imaginative and bought him some wine…in a glass bottle. Get it? The lovely guy in O’ Briens showed me some good Argentinian wine, which is his fave.

See, I do listen!

I had the choice of 3 wines so I picked the cutest one, it had a little star on the front of the label. It’s called Clos de los Siete and Simon raved about it.

You can see it here.


I was rather chuffed by my present, a pair of drop earrings with glass in the stone part.But, as always love getting a card most of all. Love reading all the special words written in it and keeping them in a box. I don’t hoard things ever but I have hoarded everything from Simon.

In my next blog, I’ll tell all about where we went for our anniversary. Can you wait till then?

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