Oslo-Vikings, Ibsen’s haunt and Chinese food.

It gets colder in Oslo-day 2 of Vikings,Munch,Ibsen’s haunt and Chinese food.

Another breath taking cold day in Oslo. At this stage, I’ve robbed my husband of any form of thermal clothing be had-his socks, thermal leggings and thermal top. He claims not to notice the cold. Our hotel is located on the harbor, right across from the new Opera House, it looks like a big glass house with skiing ranges at either side. On our way to the Museum Area of Oslo, we stopped off at a very old looking bakery and coffee shop. I started chatting to a Norwegian Granny who had most excellent English that she learned from the “Telly” why doesn’t TG4 have this effect on us?
Anyway, she was giving out about the Oslo city council. They wanted to put the Munch Museum beside the new and fan dangled Opera area along with every other folklore and historical museums.
The Munch museum is only 2 trams out of the city and you get to discover some gems like this coffee shop on the way. Munch museum is very attractive, nestled in a snowy type forest area. It had a small exhibition area, showing Munch’s poetry and prose that often inspired his art work. He loved writing letters. One of his original attempts of the Scream is housed here, all crayoned in, it looks like a child’s attempt! The original Scream is in the Oslo National Gallery.
The next visit took us on a short bus ride, way out into the country. The Viking ship museum is just that, no more, no less. But, why would you need more? Those archaeologists have found 3 remains of the oldest Viking ships that shipped the rich Vikings to their version of heaven. The museum again, was short and to the point. I do hate it when the museum drags on and on for hours.
On the same grounds was the Norwegian Folklore open air museum. We really loved this, it was totally Christmassy, a winter village purpose built for the tourists, who want a bit of history as well. We slipped around it in the snow and I thought if this was in Ireland, the whole place would be closed down due to massive health and safety risks. I.e. We can’t be bothered getting to work in the snow and we know you’ll sue us if you slip.
In fact, If Oslo was anywhere in Ireland, the whole country would shut down or we would be complaining about the lack of salt and grit. Grrrr. Oslo people are quite sensible with the snow. Rule number one-wear good boots not uggs or slippers. Rule number two-wear warm clothing to protect your skin, not pyjamas. Rule number 3-if you do slip, get up, brush yourself off and carry on more carefully. Don’t even think of suing the shop you slipped outside of.
Anyway, I digress but I think you’ll agree this is an Important observation that could possibly change your perception of life in a snowy Ireland…or not..
After these outings, I had my max fill of museums for the day. Simon had not. He headed away to the “Football museum”, which is everything I would hate and everything he would love. I choose to sit in the Grand Hotel lobby and sip hugely expensive coffee, reading. Y book, hoping for inspiration, Ibsen like. The grand Hotel is pretty hot right now and seems to always have been. Ibsen used to love hanging out here, being bitter about life.
The outside of the Grand hotel looks onto the massive square and après ski market I wrote About yesterday.A huge screen had been erected to show all the amazingly brilliant skiers compete for gold. Later on in the evening, we watched them all be presented with their medals to the sound of mini cow bells being rung out. The vuvezuela is so last year. Bells sound much better, the next big thing. The city was so pretty at night, we indulged in a mug of mulled wine in the Apres ski area before we went in search of food. You may remember that Simon has planned an authentic Norwegian dinner last night. He took me to the oldest and most popular Norwegian place. I have no idea why this is the case. It is basically the same food my Mum makes, which is good, don’t get me wrong but not my holiday eating out dinner I would normally choose. I ordered their specialty-Meatballs, gravy, mushy peas and boiled potatoes. Simon got reindeer burgers and purred carrots. It was fine and I finished up as much as i could, it was a healthy Irish Mum’s portion too. Good value and nice to try, I guess but I shan’t be repeating.
I was hankering for some Asian food after my traditional attempts last night so when Simon returned all foot-balled out, we went in search of the best Asian food in Oslo. Being big fish eaters, sushi is meant to be the best outside of Japan. We tried to get to 1 Chinese place but it was jam packed with Norwegians, the cheek of them. They told us that they had another place outside of Oslo 1 metro away. It was called Nodee. It was utterly delish and very funky. All black with low lighting inside. We sat up at the Sushi bar and watched the chefs skilfully assemble plates of raw fish. The food was really light and full of taste and the desserts were odd but yum, in places. I ordered some Asian delight, with Wahhabi and chilli ice-cream.Simon got mini banana fritter with cucumber panna cotta. It brought a lovely end to an active day in Oslo.

Shame we have to leave tomorrow.

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