Opera for Carlow:It’s all gone. It’s all over…

After over 7 months of rehearsals, the Opera for Carlow project finished last Saturday night with a sold-out audience and standing ovation.

As I walked away from the GBS theatre in Carlow, I felt sad and lonely. Totally down. The wrap party was on in the Seven Oaks and I had to go home to get ready for my niece’s communion in Mayo, which meant leaving at 5 in the morning. so, no partying for me!

Today, I feel better. It feels great to have free time to watch tv and chill! I’ve thrown myself back into work and am planning my writing for the Carlow Writing Club next Tuesday.

The performances went superbly. The matinee was the best, in my opinion. A great buzz from the audience with Friday night being my worst. My friends were in the audience so I was ultra nervous in case I would make a mistake.

Overall, I’m delighted with myself. Really proud that I saw it through to the end. Achieved one of my dreams-to perform professionally. Would I do it again?

I’d think carefully, i feel that I’ve done it now. There’s so much more I want to try in life. Opera is done, I loved it, loved the people I have met and feel much more back to the old Rozzie was, before I started the Opera project.

Shelter me from the rain-I thank you for giving me the confidence and belief i knew I once had.

Life is good.

http://flic.kr/ps/Q7FxK check out the latest photos from the show.

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