Schoolhouse Hotel, Dublin

I’ve always wanted to sleep in a school.

Em, no I haven’t but thought it was quite a good hook for this post.

I’ll start again.

I’ve always wanted to sleep in the Schoolhouse Hotel in Dublin 4. It looks cute and is uber near the city dublin. So, a couple of weeks ago, we decided we would achieve that life long ambition.

It is a pretty cool idea, the bedrooms are all named after famous Irish writers. i was hoping to get Joyce or Kavanagh or someone creative to inspire me. Instead, we for Wolfe Tone. I haven’t read any of his stuff but I hear he is pretty popular in the “chick lit” reader community.

The rooms are really cute, full of character and funky wallpaper by some famous print designer by the name of some guy who is rather famous in that area. I’m sure you have heard of him but you’ll have to go and stay there to find out. I had the best sleep ever, the duvets, pillows and bed were absolutely scrumpious!

For €99 a night, no breakfast, it’s not bad seeing how near it is but the parking is awful and the Manager needed…hmmm.How do I put it?…needed to charge her personality a bit. Probably suited to an office position or something that involves not dealing with human beings. Maybe, not an office worker then. I’m being offensive to those people.

A pop-up food market had set up minutes away from the hotel and we had a fab, italian themed barbequed burgar for lunch, sitting on the canal.

I’d recommend, absolutely.

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