It’s a short story kind of morning

I woke up this morning very early and for some reason, I felt compelled to listen to the Book Show podcast. I don’t listen to it enough and I should so I’ve subscribed to it now through iTunes and am going to listen to it on way to work.

I listened in to Mike Mc Cormack of ForensicĀ Songs and Colin Barrett being interviewed. It was a brilliantly, intellectually but accessible and honest chat about the short story form. Colin and Mike were hard to distinguish! Mike spoke aboutow he finds there are less experimental writers using the short story as a vehicle. He mentioned Beckett as one of his favourite, experimental short story writers and recommended the Lost Ones short which I will get a hold of.
Now, I’m sitting with coffee and the papers, reading over reviews for Lorrie Moore’s short story collection, Bark and George Saunders oldish(2013) short story, collection, Tenth of December.
I felt sad as I’m enjoying a couple of novels at the moment for review but I miss my short stories so I am going to purchase the Tenth of December and read it along side my longer and loved novel form.
Now, back to the papers. >

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