How can we get people to shop more in Carlow Town?

Okay, a simple question for you.
Imagine your town has an annual festival of arts and culture every year and its quite popular, actually.
This festival improves every year, adding quality acts and events for children to adults alike.
One feature it always has is a French Market, full of fresh foods and drink stalls. Smelly cheese, sauces, baklava, organic BBQ, you get the vibe?
Ethnic clothes and jewellery, fortune tellers and flowers, herbs and plants
The people associate this festival with this market and look forward to it every year. They might spend a Saturday or Sunday looking around this market, soaking it up and then venture into local cafes and restaurants, grab some lunch and coffee. Possibilities are endless, would you not think?

This year, in Carlow, it was decided not to have the French Market as it impacts on local business.

I hear the French market is on in Newbridge this weekend, I might go up there instead and pay for parking for the day, have a coffee or two, have my lunch, check out the shopping centre while I’m at it and soak up the market atmosphere

The simple question is “Was this a clever decision for the local businesses to make in Carlow?”



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