Faro-start of the holidays

The flight with ryanair was bright yellow and stressful. Ryanair push you to the limit in every way, forcing you to put everything into one bag, cramp you into tiny seats and play incessant music and advertisements.

An hour into the flight, they play an audio of an alcohol beverage being poured. Yep, you’d need one after that. But, there’s more to come-an painful, ear popping and aggressive land on the runway and you’re free from the clutches of ryanair, for another while. The heat hit us the second we got off the plane in Faro. Faro is the place where all the Sun worshippers fly into before leaving swiftly for random beach resorts. But, not us, we were staying in Faro for the night. We like being different.

The city of Faro is actually very cute, situated on a harbour surrounded by nice cafes and shops. We found a Fish restaurant quickly enough, I ordered a grilled chicken, Simon got the sardines and Marion got the Sea Bream. It was all really good, alongside a healthy glass of white wine, I was relaxed and in holiday mode. As we walked back to our hotel, the streets were busy with night goers. I didn’t sleep well, there were two pillow options-really, really hard or really, really soft. Unlike, Goldilocks, there was no middle option so I plumped(no pun intended) for the soft one. It was uncomfortable and the air conditioning kept me cool but awake.

Breakfast was adequate, salty ham, crusty bread and 2 types of juice that had no juice in them and tasted the same as each other. Paulo Tullio, your job is safe. We checked out, the little man in the hotel took our cases. We found a nice cafe bar, by the Marina and had proper black coffee, not those silly, watered down ones that we get back home. Thick, heavy and powerful. Life is good.

Onto Lisbon later today on the train but before that we are off to visit a Jewish Cemetery and a Chapel of Bones. There’s a joke there somewhere but I’ll let you make it.

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