Carlow Arts Festival 2015:Preview

The Carlow Arts Festival opens this Friday, 29th May and runs until Sunday, 7th June. It is incorporating the History and Literature Festival in Borris House as well.

There is loads to catch but I will list a couple of events that I think will be rather special. I don’t want you to waste your time, you know…


Friday, 29th May-The Opening Night at 7pm in Visual Centre will set the tone. Expect many VIPs and wine. Plus chats and the official opening of the “Cultural Quarter” in Dublin Street where Dublin Street is opened up with art, crafts, food, street entertainment and much more.

Saturday night, 30th May brings a T.B.A event(Time Based Art) event, it is kicking off at 59, Dublin Street where Marc Ivan O Gorman curates a coach house type wine tavern. Interested? Well, hold on for more! That night at 8 p.m., there will be a “fragrant pot-pourri of miscellaneous emerging performers from music, literature and theatre and I happen to know the very funky, unique and eclectic Maressa Sheehan will be performing some of her poetry. Maressa is a member of the Carlow Writers’ Co-operative and she is worth the ticket to the event itself!

Sunday, 31st May is excellent for the families, non families, babies and non-baby families…We have the Carlow Regatta at 1p,m, a Gospel Hootenay at 2 p.m. and a massive firework display in Carlow Town Park when unfortunately a little baby boy of ours will be sleeping.

Wednesday, 3rd th June at 6:30 p.m. our writers’ group, the Carlow Writers’ Co-operative perform along side the U.S based Mc Henry County College National Champions of Literature and Performance. Eek. In a show called “Theatre of Story and Verse“. Expect poetry, story and drama with many innovative styles running back and forth across the stage in Deighton Hall. Deighton Hall is a fab venue and I am looking forward to throwing some shapes there.

Thursday, 4th June at 7:30 p.m. in the Teach Dolmen Bar upstairs, the Carlow Writers will host a poetry slam and we are hoping to whoop ass against those very cool American award-winning poetry slam people! There will also be an open mic so bring your music, stories and poetry. Dancing at Lughnasa is being performed in GBH Theatre at the same time but you know the Poetry Slam is more your thing, don’t you?


Friday, 5th, Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th brings the glorious and noble Festival of Writing and Ideas. Again, we have a massive kudos line-up of Ann Enright, Belinda Mc Keon, Kevin Barry with Tommy Tiernan(should be rubbish or brilliant), Colin Barrett, Mary Costello, Lisa Mc Inerney, Rob Doyle, Neil Jordan, Michael Harding and so many more I cannot fit in.

The Borris House setting is relaxing. The food is divine. A flowing book tent is available for you to spend all of your money. There is no entrance fee so you could just come and picnic, lounge, drink or not drink and definitely chat and read. Be there or else.

The last and quite final thing to mention is the new “Barges down the Barrow” event happening from 30th May-5th June, it is being dubbed as “Ireland’s First floating Festival” and we all know that non-floating festivals are passe. Floating is the new black in the festival world. It starts in Carlow on 31st and sails its way down to Borris to finish on 5th June. There will be food and music and all sorts of tricks on board.

Plenty above to keep you going. I might see you there. Until then, good luck.



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