Staying safe-My article published in the Sunday Times

Here’s a transcript of my recent article published in the Think Tank section of the Sudnay Times, 21st November, 2010. The Social, Personal and Health Education curriculum (SPHE) has a 30-minute slot per week in the curriculum of Irish primary schools. It has three programmes – Relationships and Sexuality Education, Walk Tall for prevention of […]

Writing on the Dingle Peninsula

I signed up to do a writing course with a company called “Dingle Writing Courses” The courses are not actually in Dingle but who cares?! They had a couple of courses running last weekend-poetry, children’s fiction and adult fiction. I opted for the Children’s workshop with Kevin Crossley-Holland, him of the famous and well loved […]

Alan Leech teaches me how to sing from right down in your belly! Part 2 of Opera for Carlow

Last night, the Opera for Carlow group met in a big favourite of real Carlovians-The Seven Oaks Hotel.The room was packed full of people I didn’t know or recognise from the last workshop, which I love!Alan Leech was our tutor for this workshop, he was a big energy ball of professional and highly talented music! […]

Opera for Carlow

Oh, it’s all very exciting, honest! There is going to be an Opera in Carlow, for Carlow! We must be very important down here! Visual, in association with the very artistic people in the Carlow authorities thought about this very idea 3 years ago. The Opera will be written by Brian Irvine and Peter Morgan […]

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