Child has her santa present stolen-wrong on so many levels

I read a piece in some paper yesterday. It doesn’t matterwhich paper. The headline was “Mean thieves steal 7 year old’sSanta present”. Fair enough. It’s horrible. However, when I read on, I felt like shaking the robber’s hand. This little girl of 7years age got some sort of car for Christmas. This car can reach […]

I’m going to force you to listen to my music

So, my surprise trip didn’t happen. And not one of yeguessed it! It was Oslo. Airport cancelled all flights and weretreated to my hometown of Mayo. A very relaxing and mammiedChristmas was had by all. I’m now sitting on the train to Dublinfor the day. Am I becoming more unrealistic or hyper sensitive tonoise as […]

Secret Santa

I have a nice, shiny and golden wrapped present sitting here right in front of me It’s very hard not to open it but I am saving it for when we come back after Christmas. Simon is giving me an extra special and massive Xmas pressie this year. He is taking me away to a […]

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