Oslo-Vikings, Ibsen’s haunt and Chinese food.

It gets colder in Oslo-day 2 of Vikings,Munch,Ibsen’s haunt and Chinese food. Another breath taking cold day in Oslo. At this stage, I’ve robbed my husband of any form of thermal clothing be had-his socks, thermal leggings and thermal top. He claims not to notice the cold. Our hotel is located on the harbor, right […]

Munch snow statues, après ski without the hassle of skiing, a naughty Ibsen and a peaceful Nobel peace centre.

We woke ultra early, as is the norm with us. After breakfast, we headed off into the city, it was only a short walk of 15 minutes and it was cold but with my double layering and stealing of Simons thermals, all was bearable at -11. I must tell you that it was minus 11 […]

Tidy town of Carlow is covered in champagne

So, we have done it again! The town of Carlow is officially the tidiest in Ireland. Brilliant. Yesterday (Monday), the town was announced as the cleanest in Ireland for 2010, beating 53 towns and cities to the post in the survey of litter levels by Irish Business Against Litter (IBAL) organisation. The Cathaoirleach of Carlow […]

Child has her santa present stolen-wrong on so many levels

I read a piece in some paper yesterday. It doesn’t matterwhich paper. The headline was “Mean thieves steal 7 year old’sSanta present”. Fair enough. It’s horrible. However, when I read on, I felt like shaking the robber’s hand. This little girl of 7years age got some sort of car for Christmas. This car can reach […]

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